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Dash for Trash  May 2nd 2020

Shelby North Carolina

Join us for our first annual Dash for Trash! A race that cleans up the community! An amazing race format, where there is no distance. The team that gather the most trash in 2 hours wins! We will have a scale to weigh each teams litter sweeps, strategy will be key, awesome prizes for top 3 teams. We will gather at the City Pavilion on Saturday May 2nd, 2020. 2pm, event ends at 4pm (all team members must be across the finish to be eligible for prizes ) Weigh in and award ceremony to follow. Together WE CAN!!  


check in time: 1:30 Pm

race start time: 2:00pm

race end time: 4:00PM

award ceremony: 4:30pm (weighing and awards)


City Pavilion, Shelby North Carolina

126 W Marion Street Shelby NC 28150


$10 per individual registrant

Team: $10 for captain, $5 per additional team mate 

Gloves + bags provided

Extra Ways to Support:

polyblend super soft dash for trash tshirt ($15)

master trash grabber kit (trash grabber + orange vest) - $25

ultimate trash grabber kit (trash grabber + orange vest + tshirt) - $35


teams (No Cap Level)

team winners based on average weight of trash

ex. 100 lbs collected by a team of 4 = avg weight collected of 25lbs

Two Divisions: 

On Foot- each team in this division may not use the assistance of any type of motorized vehicle and or bike to assist in picking up or transporting trash.  The teams will set out on foot from the pavilion and be responsible for returning all team members and collected trash by hand to their designated spot before the time is up.  There are no limits to where you can go, you just must do it on foot. each team is responsible for their own strategy


Motorized division- each team is allowed to go to the location(s) of their choosing outside of the 1 mile radius prescribed in the race map. via car/truck collect trash and transport it via truck or small trailer. each team will be allowed one vehicle/trailer back at the pavilion line up.  other cars may park in any space in uptown as available.  the race end for the motorized division will need to have their one designated trash hauler vehicle in the line up beside of the pavilion (signs posted/barricade to thru traffic) and all team members present in their designated space before time end.  Once the time is in and all members are accounted for race staff will dismiss teams in an orderly fashion to retrieve their bags of trash and return them to their designated spots.  official weigh ins will begin once everyone's trash has been unloaded and ready to weigh.  It is important that no motorized division teams bring trash into the pavilion until the race timer has been stopped and teams are dismissed by race director- on foot participants will have their trash already in the pavilion.           


Over $500 in prizes!

Prizes for top 3 Teams 

awards gathering at city pavilion

food trucks + weigh in ceremony + music + Vendors

We also have a special prize for the team that collects the most trash overall 🙌


Proceeds support Helping Hands Cleveland County and Keep Shelby Beautiful Initiatives.


Facebook Page and Facebook event page 


  • Please stay off of private property

  • each individual/team must be back to finish by 4:00pm no exceptions

  • routes are determined by team captains or teams no additional support provided by race 

  • all trash must be picked up by the provided race trash bags, good faith will be exercised to ensure all trash is picked up as a byproduct of littering

  • each individual and team is responsible for their own safety, and exercise caution as traffic patterns are normal

Why is litter pick up important?

Litter in general lowers morale, enters our water and food supply and isn't good for our natural ecosystem. Outside of costing time and money to pick up. Litter poses several challenges to our community. 

- Every time it rains, water washes over yards, parking lots, sidewalks, and streets, collecting whatever is in its path, including litter. That polluted water, and the trash that comes with it, flows directly into our streams and creeks. This is how plastics end up in our drinking water, rivers, and oceans. These plastics and microplastics are making their way into our water and food supply 

- animals consume them, hurting the animals 

- the nature of litter attracts germs, animals using it as a food source then become carriers of these germs and diseases 

Together we can make a difference
sponsor the event
$100  Small logo on shirt | Banner
$250 Large logo on shirt | Banner | Boosted FB Post | Event mentions | Website
$350 Includes all the above + booth/table at the event

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